Monday, May 21, 2012

choosing the timing of your wedding

From beaches, to gardens to mountain-view fields, location is the most important aspect of an outdoor wedding. Before doing any of your other planning, you need to select the location. Knowing your location will help you select your wedding theme colors, wedding motif, invitations and decor. Think about in the event you would like to have your ceremony and reception in the same spot, or in the event you need to move inside for the reception. In the event you need to do the ceremony outside and the reception inside, you will need to select a location with a reception hall nearby. Save on flowers and decorations by choosing a location that is scenic in its own right, such as a garden or park. Although you may hope and pray that it won't rain on your wedding day, be sure to look in to rainy day options for your proposed ceremony site before making the final decision.

Many brides think that and outdoor wedding is simpler to plan than an indoor wedding, but an outdoor ceremony presents its own unique challenges and considerations for the bride-to-be. In the event you are planning an outdoor wedding, follow these practical wedding planning tips to make sure that your outdoor wedding is everything you dreamed it would be.

Practical Considerations
When choosing the timing of your wedding, think about where the sun will be. It might be romantic to have the sun setting behind you, but do you need your guests squinting in to the sun as you say your vows? Think about which direction you need the guests to face and where you need the marriage party to enter. Is there a place where the bride can stay concealed until the beginning of the ceremony? Will the marriage party must walk through grass or rocky paths? You need to make sure that the path you will walk is not so long that your wedding musician will must play "Here Comes the Bride" several times through in order for you reach the stage. If the path you and your gals will walk down is not paved, you may need to think about wearing sandals or flat shoes in lieu of high heels. Heels can sink in to grass and be difficult to walk in if the ground is not flat and even.

Be sure to mention that your wedding will be outside. Even if your wedding is taking place in a park, guests may not know that the chapel or theater is under the open sky. You will need your guests to be prepared for any type of weather, as it can be difficult for guests to enjoy the ceremony in the event that they are chilled, wet or getting sunburn. If your wedding will happen in a location without any shade, make this clear to guests. Basically add a phrase like, "Don't forget your shades and sunscreen!" to the marriage invitations. The last thing you need at an outdoor wedding is guests sweating in suit jackets or shivering in the chilled because they weren't informed of the outdoor setting.

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