Sunday, June 19, 2011

the best prom dress for your body type


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Remember the beautiful prom dress on the hanger or the model. What do you want it you have to look good, you have to decide on the best dress for your body type. Here's how:
First, find your measurements in order to do this without clothes to the highest possible accuracy. Write these three numbers on a sheet of paper.
If your bust and hips are close in size and jump your size if you look in the mirror, you have what is known as an organ of the type H, up and down. Scroll down to see how you're able, the curve of your body type can be added.
One type has a body has a small bust waist and hips more, on average.

Empire Strapless Cocktail Satin Prom Dress(PS0009)

You can see, advice on how to bust and hip measurements of the balance sheet.
An hourglass body type has a large bust, the lush hips and a narrow waist. See how your character appears elegant and stylish!
Body Type H
Your job, the perfect dress at the breast or shoulder stress and to find a prom dress with draped around hipline
To achieve princess seams, slip dresses, one-line or empire waist, bell, long sleeves with ruffles or help that goal. Avoid shoulder straps.
Round body type
Look for clothing that the diaphragm, such as prom dresses no hipster waist or de-emphasis. Accentuate your legs nice and thin arms with shoes, a pipe or a long chain.
A body-type
Your challenge is to balance the body size and greater increase of the imbalance. To do this, wearing large earrings and a dress with a sensational details torso! Fed to make sure that the data of the body are good enough to accentuate the upper body
Hourglass Body Art
Your body type is feminine, so you might want in a modest trend of research or as suspicious trash prom dress. Dress your character in a classic style is expressive look absolutely amazing, because you're already in a balanced way, very feminine!

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